Landlord-Tenant Law

King & King Attorneys At Law began their experience with landlord-tenant issues with Dusty King’s family, who owned rental property in Western Kentucky, so our landlord and tenant law attorney knows all about the time and financial resources required to sustain investment property from firsthand experiences.

Owning investment property requires you to set a solid foundation to protect yourself and your investments and ensure longevity and profitability. This foundation begins with creating and enforcing a secure lease agreement and continues on to collections and evictions if your tenant does not honor the lease agreement. Dusty King has many years of experience in Landlord/Tenant Law and has personal insight as well as professional experience in the field, meaning he knows how to help you in your unique situation.



The first step in protecting yourself and your investment property is creating a strong, loophole-proof lease agreement that your tenant will be required to sign and honor during their stay within your investment property. It’s important for landlords like you to have properly drafted agreements because these agreements put your business in the best position possible to remain profitable and long-lasting. Let King & King Attorneys at Law assist you by working to draft a customized lease agreement that specifically addresses your particular needs and your desires for your property. Don’t be fooled by online templates or generalized legal service products! Make sure your lease agreement works for you and your unique property so you can rest easy knowing that your investment is protected.


In the event of working with a tenant who violated the lease agreement that you created and agreed upon, King & King Attorneys At Law is here to help you. Our team of experienced attorneys is ready to take your case to trial should the situation require it. With our help, you will have an easier time regaining possession of your property from unwanted tenants, collecting damages for their violations, and getting back rent from tenants who have not paid.



If your business has difficulty collecting payments from your tenants and lessees, King & King Attorneys At Law can provide legal advice regarding our most recommended methods for collections. If you are in a tenant or lease situation where litigation is needed, King & King Attorneys At Law can help to get you the judgment necessary to correct the situation. With our experienced and passionate attorney to help, you will have an easier time with exercising your post-judgment legal rights to collect owed funds from tenants or lessees who did not honor your agreement.

Protecting Your Interests and Investments

When you’re setting up the foundation of your property rental business, we know what it takes to help you protect yourself and your cashflow. With the expertise and guidance of attorneys who know how to handle the legal language, terms of agreement, and other legal aspects of your experience as a landlord, you can more easily ensure that your tenants pay on time, your property is treated the way you want, and your investment is secure.

Don’t get caught up in legal battles with tenants or leave yourself unprotected with generic lease agreements found online that aren’t designed to protect your interests. Learn more and get started with help from passionate and professional attorneys who know how to help you protect your property, your assets, and so much more. King & King Attorneys At Law offers Landlord/Tenant Law services at both of our offices. Click the buttons below to reach out to the office in your state.

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