Landlord-Tenant Law

King and King Attorney At Law’s experience with landlord-tenant issues began with Dusty King’s family, who owned rental property in Western Kentucky. He knows firsthand the time and financial resources required to sustain investment property.

Owning investment property requires you to set a solid foundation to protect yourself and your investments. That foundation begins with having a secure lease agreement and continues on to collections and evictions. Dusty King has many years of experience in Landlord-Tenant Law and knows how to help you in your unique situation.

We can help with any aspect of landlord-tenant law, including the following:

  • Leases
  • Collections
  • Evictions


The first step in protecting yourself and your investment property is the creation of a strong lease agreement. Having properly drafted agreements puts your business in the best position to remain profitable. Let King and King, Attorneys at Law assist you by drafting a custom lease agreement which will specifically address your particular needs. Don’t be fooled by online templates or generalized legal service products. Make sure your lease agreement works for you.


If your business has difficulty collecting payments, King and King, Attorneys at Law will provide legal advice for the best methods from collections. When litigation is needed, King and King, Attorneys at Law will help you get the judgment necessary and exercise your post-judgment legal rights to collect owed funds.


In the event you have a tenant who violates the lease, King and King, Attorneys at Law is ready to take your case to trial, regain possession of your property, and collect damages and back rent.