Tips to Survive the Temporary Hearing

What is a temporary hearing? A temporary hearing can be scheduled to address a wide range of issues including a temporary parenting plan, child support, and alimony.

We will discuss your individual needs with you and determine what relief needs to be requested from the court.

  • Preparation is key–Prior to the temporary hearing, we will meet with you to prepare you for the hearing. This will involve you bringing documentation to us such as tax returns and pay stubs and completing a financial affidavit in many cases.
  • Arrive to court early—Yes, there will likely be a wait once you get to the courthouse, but you do not want to be running into the courtroom at the last minute. Also, the judge may pass over your case if you are late. You will also have to go through security so remove any bulky items to avoid any delay.
  • Turn off your cell phones and remind those coming with you to silence their phones as well.
  • Bring a pen and paper—there may be points you want me to see. Your attorney needs to focus on listening to the testimony so write those down.
  • Dress appropriately for a courtroom (I know you know what that means)!
  • Real court is not like the court you see on tv! Unless the judge asks you a question or you are on the stand testifying, you should not speak out in open court. Also, we understand that you are going through a difficult time, but remember that your demeanor and credibility are important. Push aside the urge to appear disrespectful when your spouse is testifying or his/her attorney is speaking.
  • Answer the question. It sounds simple, but many times is not. Your testimony is your opportunity to present your side of the case.
  • Time is limited. The temporary hearing is not the full trial. Yes, there will be evidence that you want to present that will not get heard at the temporary hearing. Remember we are at the temporary hearing for limited purposes.
  • Ruling. Sometimes the judge may orally give us his/her ruling on the temporary hearing and other times he/she may send us a letter detailing the ruling. Do not panic if you do not have a ruling the day of your temporary hearing. Sometimes, the judge needs time to get all of his/her information from the hearing together to issue the ruling.